'it's what we do that makes the difference.....'

At SWPB We choose our trading partners and manufacturers very carefully to ensure the customer gets the best paddle boards for the most competitive price. We test and trial every new product that we sell, in every condition, and are therefore, are in a position to offer exceptional advice and customer service. 
As well as selling branded paddle boards we also pride ourselves on our own range of SWPB boards. We have a hand in design and manufacturer to produce an exciting line-up of boards for all abilities, ages and price range.
We take quality extremely seriously and each board will go through a rigorous inspection before it leaves the factory including the car test!!!! Yes, we actually park a car on top of the board for a pressure and leak test!!  
We are a family business with little overhead costs, this means that we are able to supply the best products at a lower price than other boards on the market with the same specification .








All our boards are made with double wall drop stitch fabric, this is what allows the board to keep its shape when inflated, the strength also allows large psi inflation which in turn allows greater stability on the water. Materials used are the same that can be found in other applications such as flood control walls, boat flooring and bomb protection walls! Less specification boards on the market will not inflated above 11-13psi, all our boards inflate to 15 -25 psi.

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